Hi I'm Chris!

I am a Detroit Based photographer/videographer with a knack for adventure. I believe that adventures can take place anywhere – even in your own city. 

I hope that my work will help people see their surroundings in a new light and inspire people to see the world and all that is has to offer!

I love taking pictures, but my real passion is the art of video creation. I specialize in creating wedding videos that tell a story, as well as real estate property videos that showcase everything one might need to know about a property without having to scroll through 100 pictures - so outdated!

In my free time I love exploring Detroit and checking out all the new restaurants!  I also love traveling, especially to national parks or anywhere I can take a good photo!

For more info about booking a shoot/wedding/real estate project, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to  contact me! I'd love to discuss how I can help you with any of your photo/video needs.