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Hi I'm Chris! I'm a  photographer/videographer with a knack for adventure. I believe that adventures can take place anywhere – even in your own city. 

I hope that my work will help people see their surroundings in a new light and inspire people to see the world and all that is has to offer!

I love taking pictures, as well as the art of video creation! I specialize in creating Wedding Videos that tell an amazing story, as well as being a one-stop-shop for my realtor and property manager clients, offering Real Estate Photography, Videos and 3D Tours all under one roof. I also am an FAA Certified Drone Pilot and love shooting drone visuals for my clients' needs.  (Click links above to hear more) 

In my free time I love exploring the city and checking out all the new restaurants!  I also love traveling, especially to national parks or anywhere I can take a good photo!

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Tony - Lead Photographer/Videographer

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Chris - Lead Photographer/Videographer

Hey Guys! My name is Tony Reed and I am a family man! Engaged to the beautiful Katelyn Mcelroy and blessed to have two beautiful girls to share the journey with.


We love traveling, playing games, watching movies, trying new food, playing basketball and obstacle courses! Katie and I enjoy spending our "free" time discussing new projects, our future and manifesting our visions!


If I'm not holding Harper and Zoey you can take a wild guess that I probably have a camera in my hands. (sometimes when I'm holding them) Doing what you love to do has always been a dream of mine and we still feel that excitement every chance we get to create and tell stories with our visions!

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